About Business Student Council

About BSC

Business Student Council is an organization of leaders aimed at supporting their member organizations, serving the Mays Business School, and positively impacting Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. We are founded on four core values — Leadership, Excellence, Integrity, and Service. Through these values, BSC members serve the Mays Business School community by aiding member organizations as well as providing students with various events to participate in. BSC proudly prepares the Business Career Fair, MaysFest, Project Mays, and much more. Along with these events, hangouts, and our biweekly meetings which take place on Monday nights at 8:30pm, every member serves on a committee. To find out more about each committee please click on the links below.



To learn more about each of our committees, please click on the links below.

Career Fair



Internal Affairs

Mays Exchange

Project Mays (Service)


Executive Officers